Who is The Medium Run for?

Written by Michael on March 14th, 2006

Short answer, of course, is that it’s for you. But the long answer is that it’s for my boss.

One of my personal hobbyhorses is that you should always know your intended audience. They don’t have to be the same as your actual audience, but your writing will be better if you’ve got an end-user (as they say) in mind. Some journalists write their articles to their moms. I usually write to my friend Mark, actually.

Well, this blog is written for my editor, by which I mean all his colleagues at small- to mid-size newspapers around the English-speaking world, who are trying to find their way online. And, to a lesser extent, folks who are, like me, in less powerful positions but looking for ways to advocate change.

I don’t expect many of those folks to read me, but frankly, fellow commentators, you’re not the ones who will save my industry, so I’m not going to write with you in mind. Sometimes, though not always, this means that I’ll be writing what’s obvious to those more steeped in this stuff. I can handle that. I hope you can, too.


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