Tips from Poynter: Day One

Written by Michael on May 16th, 2006

Three short things I learned in my first evening at Poynter’s seminar for Online News Managers.

1)’s forum moderators have a “bozo button” at their disposal. Once they hit it, a forum troll who they’ve marked as a “bozo” continues to see his posts appearing on the site — but nobody else sees them. Mitigates the threat of re-registration by banned users. Dirty. Genius.

2) Local TV sites get a big traffic jump at lunchtime, because people at work can get away with (or justify) watching video over the lunch hour.

3) Generally, the percentage breakdown of technology adopters is as follows (not cumulative): 2.5 percent innovators (e.g. RSS); 13.5 percent early adopters (e.g. blog readers); 34 percent early majority (i.e. broadband subscribers); 34 percent late majority (i.e. Internet users); 16 percent laggards (i.e. your aunt Susan). But: let’s not forget the wealth that drives all these differences, eh? Nobody who cares about universal access to technology drives onward on the assumption that everybody will eventually follow.


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