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Written by Michael on May 12th, 2009

Here’s a brief proposition I’d be curious to see contradicted:

The common factor among all profitable journalism startups in the last seven years is not Web distribution, user interaction, worse content, better content, more content, less content, paid content or free content. The common factor is a narrow audience.


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  1. Very good point – and I notice that MSNBC is overtaking CNN by adopting an approach that is less ‘neutral’ (and therefore less mass market) than previously.
    Would love to have a list of those profitable startups you mention…

  2. Six years later: Note that this is no longer true at all! Just the opposite. Even as I figured this out, I was missing the next big trend: the return of the general audience driven mostly by Adsense-style uncoupling of ad content from editorial content.

    (Facebook algorithms too, of course, but the nature of its algorithm is basically a function of the Adsense phenomenon.)

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