The secret to survival

Written by Michael on May 18th, 2011

…is that you’re not going to. You can only have a lot of kids and hope one of them is the right one.

That’s probably the best point I managed to make about the news business at Saturday’s Digital Journalism Portland conference. It was an honor to share a panel with Robert Wagner of and Barry Johnson of Oregon Arts Watch, talking about quitting our day jobs to have entrepreneurial babies.

The talking doesn’t really start until 1:00; my first bit is at 2:20, but if you’re watching you shouldn’t miss Barry and Rob, who are much more experienced in this stuff than I am, or moderator Melissa Chavez of to-be-launched Sexistential Magazine, who did a ton of advance work that clearly paid off.

The conference is a project of the great Abraham Hyatt, with video provided by the skills of Dr. Normal and Eitan Tsur.


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