About Old Forest New Trees

Once upon a time, there wasn’t journalism — just news. It came in little pieces. Either you’d heard it or you hadn’t.

Then somebody invented the printing press, and news (local and otherwise) got big. Really big. Big like sequoias. Big like Weyerhaeuser. Big like big business.

Now, local news is changing again. The grand old trees are falling and a more dynamic ecosystem is creeping in. Some people will tell you it’s bad, but I won’t.

I’ll just tell you it’s dangerous.

For the moment, I’m dodging trunks and escaping grizzlies as the publisher of a local-news startup in my beloved Portland, Ore. I’ve also covered local-news entrepreneurship as a stringer for NiemanLab.org, and have been using this blog for reflections and arguments. Eventually, I might step up the actual reporting here about the business of local news.

You should generally be able to find links to all my stuff in the lower right column of my personal blog, including my personal Twitter feed, Delicious links and ridiculous musical taste. Send desert-island discs, yeast packets and unlikely financial propositions to mike.andersen@gmail.com. I’ll always tag you back.

Mr. Andersen

Photo by Zachary Kaufman

Seriously one of the most prepared and level-headed entrepreneurs. Ever.
- online content whiz Katherine Gray